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The evaluation of an educational institution can be easily done through the performance of its students.
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Every child has the chance and facilities to hone the skills in participating in activities
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The facilities at Gowtham are aimed at providing a congenial atmosphere for the development of students
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Conscious of the fact that life has never been so diverse, today's education needs to nurture the students to evolve independently, encourage them to have an international outlook and instil a healthy spirit of competition in order that they learn and understand the responsibility that success brings with it.

Gowtham Model Schools in collaboration with K12 Techno Services is providing students with a leading edge in the journey of life.so that they acquire the wings of knowledge to soar higher into the infinite skies of opportunities on their own as they prepare to leave our portal.

Growth @ Gowtham

Unlocking the child’s potential is the key part of the education process at Gowtham.

We provide all the opportunities and encouragement they need to excel academically, emotionally, spiritually, as well as in extra-curricular fields.

Gowtham has gained an excellent reputation through the outstanding achievements of our students.

News & Events
Master Ajay Patwari of X class GMS WMDP and cricket player of Hyderabad Cricket Association under-16 was selected to play for St. John's Sports Coaching Foundation at Auckland,
New Zealand returned victorious winning the Man of the match award against Auckland Blue's played at Waikara Park in Auckland.

December - 2011
Padmashree winner,Gowri Ishwaran trains GMS Principals in a 3 day Intensive Program